Rancho Providencia Locations

A Premium San Fernando Valley Setting
  • Bedrooms & Baths

    Stellar Bedrooms & Baths highlight the interiors of this premium location in the San Fernando Valley.  ...

  • Bonus Exteriors

    From rugged terrain to hillside vistas, Rancho Providencia offers exterior locations from intimate to grand.  ...

  • Night Views

    Over the years some of the most stunning imagery has come from night shoots at the ranch. ...

Welcome Home

Rancho Providencia

A unique San Fernando Valley location, Rancho Providencia comprises picturesque settings and scenery across a 4-Acre horse property conveniently located a quarter mile from Topanga Canyon Blvd and the 118 Freeway.

Brief Highlights:

  1. 5500 sq. ft. Spanish Hacienda
  2. Country Roads
  3. Gardens
  4. Hillsides
  5. Unique Rock Formations
  6. Stables
  7. Barn
  8. Grand Piano
  9. Three Fireplaces
  10. Convenient Production Parking

Rancho Providencia also contains original art throughout WITH CLEARANCES included.

The Ranch has been home to events and productions of all sizes, and handled each with ease and comfort. We have a variety of secure areas on site, including places for equipment housing, props and wardrobe storage, as well as ample parking for several hundred individuals.